Dear Editor please allow me a space to voice this alarm.
We come to know that Australia is one of the leading education providers in the world. Its standard of education is of quality and integrity, providing the human resources with the highest standard of education anyone can reach. Comparing with some Education providers in the US, Europe and Asia, Australia is far better in terms of education quality, environment and working standard.
Well not anymore. In the recent Indian Student uprising, in Melbourne and Sydney, the Indian students claim that they were being radically abused and exploited by the education system. This also includes other International students. These are some of their claims;

. Various forms of racially discrimination, prejudice and bias in the colleges, schools and work environment by tutors, lecturers and managers.
. Lack of academic support from tutors and lecturers
. Unfulfilled course requirements with no proper explanations
. Unrecognised qualifications with higher course cost
. Lengthy time for course completion with unnecessary accumulated course expenses
. Low quality housings with higher rental charges
. Bribery in qualification and work experience documentation
Four Corners programme found that some of this colleges and schools requires student to pay a higher amount of fees or face legal action or visa cancellation. Most of these students have no choice but to drain their budgets for no apparent reason at all. This is completely an exploitation of international students, because they cannot communicate well, afraid, lack of information, new to that environment and eager to learn. This people make use of that opportunity. Their Education system has turn into a commercialize business rather than focusing on the basis of providing quality education.

Reported documents surprisingly show that these scams were found in some higher level department of the Ministry of education and immigration as well and it found its way to the lower level.

We don't know but there are evidences of corruptions and exploitation of innocent international students is going on in that develop nation. We as a developing nation should be aware of this before sending our students to study abroad.