Dear Editor,

I want to contribute to the topic, allowance decrease of students studying in fiji.

It is known that the Vice chancellor of the University of the South Pacific has already alerted USP member governments and sponsors to adjust students allowance(Increase) since the 20% devaluation could really have greater impacts on students.

In response to that, the Ministry of Education said it will not consider the matter at this stage but if government's financial situation improves.

Well, looking at the students side of story, their allowance should not be reduce against the increasing cost of living, since such action can only be done by leaders that are irresponsible, selfish, greedy and self-minded. You're not leading to serve our country but just lead to tell lies, cheating and fill your own pockets with the reserve money you are making up excuses for.

Finally, what kind of financial improvement does the Ministry of Education refer to when even the government want to just give so much millions in total to their own wives. I just wonder what our MP's wives would do for the country in the future with their $50,000 each.

God bless our Solomon Islands.