Special Coordinator Graeme Wilson is correct to say RAMSI can contribute beyond restoring law and order and revitalizing government institutions. Firstly however the lies and deceit have to stop and truth of the causes of SI's social and economic and environment predicament has to be seen, understood and acted on toward solutions.

There is need for RAMSI and SIG to see and officially report SI's traditional fish resources are devastated, and, that fish is no longer abundant to use as a commodity in barter trade to provide free or low cost essential protein as it used to.

RAMSI needs to investigate and report the islander fish depletion and impact situation, impact including development of long term chronic poverty, and hunger feelings that cause irritability, arguments, fights and unrest.

I think RAMSI should either bow out and go home or stay for awhile and help inform and call in the United Nations to monetize the SI economy, the latter as the late SI economist Hon. Ulufa'alu, said is now required. RAMSI has a duty to assist the region achieve sustainable peace AND economic development leading to sustainable prosperity.

RAMSI could be instrumental is developing due UN attention and assistance to properly revitalize SI government institutions with major capital stimulus for major productive economic infrastructure development such as new roads around and across main islands, especially Guale. This is not a matter of AID or lending. Money is a tool essential to generate employment and effectively operate a peaceful national economy.

RAMSI could oversee security of expenditure of new capital where allocated. Army engineers can teach locals road drainage and permanent bridge engineering. Construction and maintenance would employ thousands if SI people leading to development of tourism, sustainable employment and national prosperity. Very importantly due to apparent bureaucratic rules, SI needs to ask Aus/RAMSI for this assistance

Inter-government forums must not waste vital time blaming climate change for sea inundation of low atolls when earthquake activity has caused seabed and atolls to sink down. Truth is needed. CO2 agenda will not lead to solutions to already existing and now obvious fish devastation, barter trade collapse and impact on the nation.