Dear editor, allow me a space in your column to comment on the increase in Parliamentary Entitlements of MPs.

What in the world is the government trying to achieve by increasing the entitlements of members of Parliament and their spouses? Has it not consider its citizens labouring under a deficit budget and struggling economy? If the members of Parliament know it, government should not have done the worst mistake any government of Solomon Islands will have ever done in the past.

What I see is a dark future for Solomon Islands citizens and professionals in the public service who are currently serving the government and the would be public servants (students) and pre-service students (public servants on study leave overseas).

While the government seem not to take heed of some of the public servants call for better privileges (such as wages increase & housing for lawyers, teachers and nurses), it creates unnecessary costs to have enititlement for unemployed spouses of MPs. If the government continues to turn a blind eye to the cries of public servants, I predict a mass demonstration and/or even an uprising in the not too distant future. What I see is a Solomon Islands up in crisis far worse than any others in history. It will not be another China town up in flames or 'Black Tuesday', but a much bigger and life-threatening crisis that will turn history around and claim the lives of ordinary Solomon Islanders.

I am pessimistic if government of the day continue to be stubborn towards calls to do away with the Parliamentary Entitlements, neither take swift and decisive action to correct right from wrong, then I predict a dooms day coming.

My comments here casts darkness and sorrow for all people of Solomon Islands from all religious background, race and colour as citizens. It is not a warning, but a vision for us to look beyond what the eyes cannot see.