Dear editor, allow me space to raise some concern regarding the above issue.

Today i Went to the USP Book center to look at the cost of my prescribed text books and What a shock! the prices are sky rocketed. Books that used to cost FJD$110 are now $145.50. That just for one text book.

Go to a shop or super market and see for yourself that a 10kG bag of rice that used to be $28 now increase to $32.

This shows that price of goods are rising and life is more expensive than before.

Where's the government? Where is accountability that you are boasting about in parliament?

Come to Suva, live like a student with FJD$4,100 for 20 weeks and taste the suffering of the students here. I bet your money won't even last a month.

Its nonsense to assume that the purchasing power of students this year is the same as that last year after the devaluation in Fiji currency. So stop judging a situation on assumptions. Invest some 50,000 on the future leaders of the country than diverting them to Mr. Pocket.

Put our national motto into practice and be a role model to future leaders of our beautiful country.