The lies are amazing, right there in front of our faces. The Sydney Morning Herald P.4 today reports an 'emissions news story' that is riddled with absolute deceit. The story claims island people are already experiencing the first devastating impact of rising sea levels and people are losing land and being forced to leave their homes. Solomon Islands is specifically mentioned together with food and water shortages and rising cases of malaria. See:

Here is the deceit. Those island people are sufffering from those situations but those situations are not due to CO2 emissions or claimed need for emissions trading. I have repeatedly informed the SMH of sewage nutrient pollution causing devastation of fisheries and food supply and damage to the GBR but even farmers are still being wrongly blamed. PM Rudd has also failed to duly respond to repeated relevant information of substance and request for urgent assistance for SI people.

I have seen with my own eyes and there are many witnesses to Solomons Islands S/W Pacific region seabed sinking down following the earthquake and tsunami that lifted Ranogga Island 3 meters higher. Pre-earthquake at Roviana Lagoon I and locals had to step out of dugout canoes and push them across shallow reef, but since that earthquake there is never need to get out and push. The nearby Agnes Lodge manager at Munda told me the land had sunk down 800mm. A local petrol dealer told me 850mm. There is other evidence of sinking and it appears to me a big chunk of the SW Pacific seabed has sunk down.

There is further evidence of lies and deceit. It is not possible for the sea level to rise in the Pacific Islands or anywhere else without such rise occurring in Australian and other waters worldwide, and there is no such innundating or significant rise at all.

Unhappy truth of human misery is disgracefully being used for convenient political purpose. Malaria is worsening and there is a 69% increase in maternal mortality in Solomon Islands that evidence indicates is linked to chronic poverty and malnutrition and anaemia associated with devastation of traditional available fish protein from the sea.

Empirical evidence of substance undeniably indicates beyond reasonable doubt that nutrient pollution and algae is killing seagrass and coral food web habitat, impacting all fishing including amateur fishing tourism. Not long ago the Aust government paid over $200 million to buy back Aust fishing licenses but indigenous Pacific Islanders did not even get relevant help via Millenium Development Goals to reduce poverty in the SW Pacific. Islanders now need money to buy alternative essential protein food.

Mr Rudd's "Pacific Climate Change Alliance" allocating money from the carbon emissions scheme will get Pacific government heads nodding in agreement but will not bring about solutions to the real cause of chronic poverty and disease and unrest now enveloping our region.

I am trying to get real assistance for SI via a new rural people website, www.Agmates where Aus Senator Barnaby Joyce has just joined in. He seems genuine. There is need to see truth instead of lies.