Thank you Editor for allowing me to raise few concerns. First things first, we the students studying here in fiji experience greater impacts of the devaluation of fiji dollar by 20%. As the food, water, electricity prices continues to increases, our purchasing power continues to shrink.

The USP's Vice chancellor has state it very clearly to all sponsors and governments of the students studying at the USP for that matter, to take this matter seriously by increasing the allowance of the students. But for the Solomon Islands students sponsored by the SIG, to them its a day light robbery to their entitlement as it is not increasing or fixed but decrease( Solomon Dollar). This is the act of selfish, careless, greedy and rubbish administrators to human resources.

Where is the transparency and accountability you big mouth people talk about every day in the National parliament?? Please take this matter seriously.

I am on behalf of the students calling the National Government to look into this matter seriously NOW. There is no need to make many excuses to increase the allowance of students because it seems that it is very easy to hand MP's wives $50000.