Dear Editor,

While I am not directly affected by the above issue, please allow me space to briefly voice some concerns on the matter.

I was once a student at USP and I know what it is like to try and make ends meet with the little money that SIG is paying to our students there. With the current situation in Fiji, it does not require a rocket scientist to figure out that inflation rate will also increase, and even so given the recent devaluation in the Fiji dollar.

Hence, I think for the government to reduce the student's allowance in the sense of currency value is uncalled for. I understand that our economy is encountering difficult times calling for tough actions and decisions to be made. But there are things that must be considered and approached with sensitivity. For the students, their allowance is their life and to cut it is gravely detrimental.

I think, instead of cutting out on the students' allowances which is a worthy long-term investment, our political leaders and Members of Parliament should take the initiative and demonstrate to us that they are responsible leaders as they always claim and cut off on their own allowances and entitlements. Why is it always easy to put the burden on other people whenever we ecounnter tough economic situations than to make personal sacrifices yourselves as leaders? I thought our motto was "To Lead is to Serve." Now, it is "To Lead is to be Served?"

I hope ordinary Solomon Islanders, parents, guardians and relatives of the students will be able to effectively have your say on the issue and other national issues in the upcoming general elections and make sure that leaders are accountable for their actions.

God Bless our beloved Solomon Islands.