Dear Editor,
I am all in favour of TSI's plea for a review of the PEC and parliamentary entitlements as well. Mr Namo has my support and i do believe many others do so too after having learnt through media that the PM himself was unaware of the PEC's tabled bill. On top of that if parliamentarians think it is not an issue that needs to be challenged or debated about, they'll have to think twice because not everyone is born a leader nor politician to enter parliament and indulge in the same 'sin' but alas we are born and destined to be choice makers in life!!. Therefore it will really make a big difference come next election, when voters can decide as to how they want good governance be portrayed in the next. Hence i feel it wise that parliamentarians be cautious in what they utter when realistic life issues are concerned. Remember there's a saying that goes, 'Somebody's food can be another man's poison'. Of course to be a parliamentarian or politician can be difficult per se, but it is what impact their decision will have upon the whole nation, that is the crux of the matter discussed here. Yumi traem keleva lelebeti!.