The use of destructive fishing gears like dynamites and for example such home-made fishing bombs possessed by those two men is classified really destructive both to the marine environment and the marine organism found within. These destructive fishing gears kill marine animals and destroys the marine habitats like corals as well as degrade the quality of the water. Thus affects marine animals forcing them to migrate to other places suitable for them. So who gets the blame for all this and who gets affected the most??Well it us the people who are in fact answerable for the many methods we used to explore and extract these resources. Additionally we benefit a lot from the use of sea resources. It is a great challenge for all us to collaborate in making just the right decision and move.I congratulate the officers who arrested those guys and I think the fisheries department should be more alert on the various types of destructive fishing methods that people can use and also to be on the look out for areas known for doing that in order to preserve and manage our marine resouces and our ocean. What I mean by the fisheries being on the lookout is that there should be fisheries officers surveying fishing activities in and around the our various provinces and islands and collecting data on the status of the resources and the marine environment. Above that there should be serious legal actions placed on offenders like these two guys. By sustainably harvesting our resouces and using environmentally means like pole-line fishing we are securing our ocean and the marine resources for our future generations.