Dear editor, please allow me to express the above concern of mine. We are feeling treated unfairly when the government decided to cut our allowance in terms of the Solomon Islands currency students usually received when converted to Fiji currency. To be honest, the living of this country (Fiji) is very expensive as a result of the devaluation. This even cause some to even borrow money and will repay it when the next allowance comes. I think it is best for all of us to do our study in Solomon Islands, because we can plant food for ourself and have the opportunity to survive through our wantok system, and through other opportunities as a citizen. We cannot suffer this year, for next year. If that is the case, then this semester should not be counted in our scholarship duration. This high living is not a surprise, it begins in the start of this year and the government is well aware of it. The NTU is also not very coorperative with SISA, the elected body that represents our voice, but work only with the High commission office. Maybe the government is planning to ignore our plea for this issue. Remember that we are Solomon Islanders, and our voice must also highly considered. Thank you.