Dear Editor,

Allow me a space to share my thoughts about the said subject. Let us take a pace back during our traditional days. During those days, way back in the past, slave trading has been the discussion in many European countries.

Many of our natives from the pacific island countries were taken to some
foreign countries to become laborers. Some of which were kidnapped, according
to history. Those of which were kidnapped lost home forever.

However, that's only for recapping. Well, it could be a great thing for those
people who took their turn to New Zealand. Let me greet you "JOANNA
SIREHETI"(Solomon Times) through you effort to in publishing this report in the
media, well done.

Rethink citizens, what's behind your mind when you think about this wonderful
trip to New Zealand. Yes, it is a trip to harvest apple and get some money in
return. Did you think that, the continuation of this arrangement would help our
country in any way? You might think that, money was brought home.

But what about, our country's Gross National Product? Will it grow?
Now, sending fellow laborers overseas for seasonal harvest shows to whole world
that SOLOMON ISLANDS is very poor.Furthermore, sending laborers to work in New Zealand apple farms that were owned by individual farmers shows the slackness of the country's Agriculture sector.

Why don't engaging these labors in their own individual farms. Our country has
the appropriate climate for cash crops and animal raising(Cattle,piggery,foultry etc.)Don't be blinded by just harvesting apples.

According to the report, Joanna mention and I quote, "Solomon Islanders are said
to be in high demand by these New Zealand farming companies because of their
natural ability to engage in physical work and their pleasant personalities".
This natural ability and pleasant personalities are the main characteristics,
which shows that the laborers from Solomon Islands are peaceful and have the
ability to work. But why don't in, within, our own motherland.

If we work and produce in our own mother country, we will certainly boost our
economy, we are self employed, we reduce unemployment (which is the issue why
going to NZ), we create paths for the future generation, we have the wealth, we
have the money, our kids will have positive mentality of reaching their future
and our country will one day employ workers overseas.

Our very fertile lands are left undeveloped, Go Now and cultivate, in order to
break away from the poverty cycle.

D Robert Meyenn
Laucala Campus