Dear Editor

"Maasina" is a term in the A're A're vernacular that is encompassing, not divisive and inclusive not exclusive.

Initially, when I first heard about the formation of the Maasina Forum, my reaction was - here was an organisation which will greatly benefit all Solomon Islanders through its advocacy. Alas, they have been anything but unifying!

The most well known organisation in Solomon Islands that bears the name was the Maasina (Brothers) Ruru (Together). It was formed by Nono'ohimae and Nori. As leaders of the Maasina Ruru, their noble cause was to fight for the political rights of all Solomon Islanders. Theirs was a unifying cause. If the Maasina Forum feels they wish to emulate the Maasina Ruru in their endeavous, then I'm afraid they have failed miserably because they have been divisive force.

"Maasina" is a word in A're A're vernacular that conjures unity and therefore it should not be abused for the benefit of a few.