I have read the article by Mr. William Gua of the Malaita Masina Forum and found it very interesting. As some have argued, it has raised issues of History that many of are not aware of. I am inclined to give an ear to the issues raised. I suppose that way they were presented were very direct but I think sometimes we have to do that for people to hear. My two cents to this issue as a non- Malaitan is to suggest that the Government give ear to the issues, see the demands like issues that must be appropriately delt with the Honourable MPs of the respective constituencies. You see Malaita Masina Forum may not represent the Majority of Malaitans as some have claimed but they have good years to hair what the silent majority are whispering in the four corners of their homes. Some of the issues Mr. Gua is raising are not new, some may be trivial but they must not be ignored. The Peace and Unity of Solomon Islands must be the priority of any Government and giving answers to small groups is a way forward.