I wish to breifly contribute on the above.

I think these claims are made out of personal frustrations. It is a typical example of someone or a group of people using the 'mass' to pursue his/ her or thier own goals and ambitions and in the due course fulfilling thier own political, social and/ or economical ends.

I for one wonders why such people can still have the diginity to call themselves Solomon Islanders as such moves are not in the best interest of Solomon Islands at all, and even wonder whether majority of Malaitans will agree with most of Mr. Gua's list of demands. Its a shame that we often talk so much about dignity and love for our country and its people and islands but we do very little to help build it. All we want is to tear it down.

Lest not forget that the same god-given responsibility that we are all bestowed with; to look after our own families and children- is also applicable to the responsibilities we have for the state- to see it grow and to have "joy, peace, progress and prosperity" for our future generations. And most of all "that ALL men should brothers be make nations see".