Dear Editor,

Solomon Man's comments were a total joke to the views expressed by other genuine contributors to the Ma'asina Forum saga.

Obviously, such extreme views as expressed by the Ma'asina Forum do not represent the views of all Malaitians, only a pocket of wanting individuals, perhaps synthesizers such as Solomon Man included.

History as taught or shared in the Solomon's (including Malaita) does not reflect any of the suggestions or so called ambitions of the Ma'asina Forum. These views are an embarrassment to our cultural way of life on Malaita.

On numerous occasions, including; the media and at public forums; respectable leaders in Malaita (National, Provincial and Village etc) have disassociated themselves from the Ma'asina forum and have raised serious questions about the forum's agendas and legal representation.

Ma'asina forum is a lost cause and until they come up with constructive ideas, suggestions or recommendations that indicate; peace, unity, provincial and national building, realistic economic development etc, will be left in the dark.

The Ma'asina Forum views are in no way contributing to investor confidence we need in Malaita.

Finally, if their views are seen as bold and courageous, they need to put some hair on it. Courageous lo gud somting fo iumi lelebet!

When is the Government going to do something about these Ma'asina hooligans?

Jimmie Tuduc Nao