Dear Editor. Activist groups such as the Ma'asina Forum surely have a place in our efforts to bring development closer to our people.

There are issues which could rightly be pursued under the mandate of provincial governments, in this case Malaita, but because of protocols and the sensitivity to balanced national development they may decide to be silent about.

This is where Ma'asina Forum is relevant and therefore advocate for issues which otherwise could not be achieved through the provincial Government.

The problem though is that Ma'asina Forum, or perhaps W. Gua advances the interest of Malaita with a temper that is anti Solomon Islands.

No, there are ways by which we can achieve the interest of Malaita while at the same time keep within the course of our national interest. We should not achieve one at the cost of the other. Rather we should rather think win/win.

Ma'asina Forum as a place, the problem is Gua and his other supporters. As a non Malaitan I would urge good thinking malaitan, which many of you are, to be involved in the Forum, redirect its course, and put a new face to it.

Long live Malaita and long live our beloved Solomon Islands.