Sometimes it is hard to believe what can be done with taxpayers' money. It is sad that a country like the SI which is surviving on foreign aid would have extra money sitting around to offer to the wives of MPs.

Maybe our MPs won't be using the SI taxpayers' money but our donors' money. This makes me wonder what the taxpayers in our donors' countries, who are having to make financial cuts themselves, would think of such an unmerited plan.

MPs, if we have this kind of money around and you're looking for something to use it for, do something crazy, like use it to benefit the public. I know others have talked about some areas where this money can be used, and I have a simple proposal too.

Solomon Islands public NEEDS better public service in the area of public toilets, not just the building of them but the maintenance as well. I'm talking Honiara, bad, bad, bad public toilets. If you are in Honiara and nature calls, my friend, you are in trouble. Honiara isn't the worst, though. The provincial capitals and the sub-capitals are even worse.

My home in is in Malu'u. We have hundreds of people coming in and out of that little town and there's no public toilets. That makes me concerned for our beautiful sea fronts.

All I am saying here is that, MPs, you don't have to look that far to see who needs the money you are giving away.

My good MPs, think of what others have written so far about this topic and consider them and their points as they are the people you are serving. I am hoping to see an MP who is able to stand up for what is right, even if his colleagues may consider him a traitor.

God Bless the Solomon Islands. TO LEAD IS TO SERVE. (not "To lead is to serve yourself")