It is known that development of poverty causes stress and that stree causes arguments and fights bewteen family members. This does not excuse violence but should provide direction that authorities should take to achieve national solutions to increase of domestic violence.

In my opinion it was worsening poverty that put some people in the frame of mind to pick up stones, thgen thowing them and leading to national domestic riot. Unfortunately reason of poverty as a cause has not come out of the riot inquiry, to be discussed so solutions can be found.

RAMSI may well stand over violence on the street but can not force control inside the family house.

There is need for real regional economic development in SI. Jobs and income will reduce the hardship and stress and lead to prosperity and peace.

You SI people must see things yourselves. SI is now more isolated. Phone calls to from Aus to SI at June 1 increasing 100% to A$3.00 for just 1 minute. How is it possible for overseas small business people to talk to SI with huge call rates when there are even language problems to overcome during conversation?

So called study into gender abuse should look at the big picture. Then big solutions can be put in place.