The simple truth about this new terminal grant for the wives of our MPs was made possible because those committee members who were chosen to amend whatever rules there is, are former parliamentarians themselves. Some of them may soon return to the Vavaya Ridge Round House in next year's general election thus, they are paving the way for their re-entrance. Such benefits would not have been possible if others excluding MPs were chosen to oversee such bogus privileges. It's just pure absurd that such benefits were given priority while many rural areas including some urban centers like Honiara continue to lack proper health services and many more (you name them). I thought when man and woman become wife and husband, they become one and thus share the same plate, spoon, cup, etc. Please think of those poor public servants, students, rural dwellers who continue to be the strong pillars of our economic survival. We should put a stop to this practice of appointing former MPs into influential statutory bodies, committees, etc.
Nafu nao oketa!