Dear Editor,

Its very interesting to note that whilst developed countries like NZ are undertaking strict control measures to address the global economic recession, the opposite is happening to the developing nation like ours, the Solomon Islands. I read on NZ Dominion post that even the local authorities (Mayors & councillors) are taking drastic measures not to approve any salary increase or their entitlements as it would affect the city dwellers and their citizens taxpayers which are wise decisions to take at this time of global economic crisis. Not in our beloved Solomon Islands, this is seen as the best opportunity to drain the public pause, great leaders!. I guess we should by now change the slogan of our national motto, to self serve is to lead. When will this attitude of self serving be stopped once and for all our good leaders? yet you talk of improving the quality of life of the rural dwellers, how can we achieve that when self serving and greed is inevitable? Long live our beloved Solomon Islands