I agree with the concerned raised MP Inoke about the work ethics of some public servants.

While I agree with Hon. Inoke, I must say that it serves no purpose to use the lable 'christainity' as a springboard to raise such concern. Even the devil qouted the word of God when he tempted Jesus in the desert. So would you believe people when they say they christians? Of course not!

I think the proper way to change work attitude is for the concerned to change first. Inoke speaks in his capacity as an MP. In the hierachy, MPs are the ones who should have or, if not yet, develop healthy work habbits.

Go to the MPs' offices and find how many are there in offices all day. I guarantee that you will find 1 out of 10. The lame excuse at the reciptionist's desk is; "MP hem no stap." Even if there is meeting the response on enquiry is always; "MP go lo meeting".

Stop pointing a finger when you don't realise that four fingers are pointing back at you.