I totally agree with John Kay on the above issue. i think most of the issues and demand claims raised by Mr. William Gua is outrageous and somewhat shameful for a so-called leader.

i think if Mr.Gua is seriuos about the 25 claims he published then he should at least provide some form of evidence for issues which are alleged to have happened, some even decades ago. just because it is stories passed around in public doesn't mean that it should count as fact, some of those issues are mere speculation.

interestingly, just by calculating the figures on some of the things he wants the government to do, it already totals to more than half the government total budget for the fiscal year alone. my goodness, where will we get these kind of money???

Mr. Gua and others in the Ma'asina Forum, please take heed from this famous JFK quote; "ask not what your country can do for you but, what you can do for your country".

by the way, i don't think most malaitans would like people such as Mr. Gua and his Ma'asina forum to represent them.