Dear Editor,

I was totally lost for words on a recent posting in the Solomon Star, letters to the editor, from a William Gua, General Secretary of the Ma'asina Forum.

The demands he vented to the Government make the recent discussions around $50,000.00 for MPs spouses look like peanuts.

Moreover, most if not all the demands are baseless and grounded on coconut news.

Hasn't William been following the development of news around Government's financial situation? and the state our country is in?

The Government needs to prompt an investigation into the affairs of the Ma'asina Forum before the situation gets out of hand.

These demands are further imposed with threats and pose serious security risks for the average Solomon Islander and all efforts to getting the country to where we are from our recent past.

I call on fellow Malaitans to stand up and condemn this senseless demand in the strongest form. This is a shameful proportion to use the name of Malaita in senseless unsupported demands.

Stop living in the past; Get a life! The Solomon Islands doesn't evolve around you and your Ma'asina forum.

Some people just don't have any sense of shame nao!

John Kay