It is utterly ridiculous for someone to say that the Parliamentary Entitlement Commission (PEC) is an independent body. Peel off the surface of PEC and you see for yourself the composition of the commission, chairman of the Public Accounts Committee a member of Parliament, the Minister of Finance is a member of Parliament the other 3 members of the commission are all appointed by the GG on the advice of the Prime Minister who happens to be a member of Parliament as well. For me this is not an independent group at all ..ating lo nem nomoa MPs might not decided on the matter per say, but you need not be a rocket scientist to realise that practically mps are inside the commission and the decisions of the commission will surely be affected by their presence.

For the poor wives I see no justifications at all why they deserved to get the $50,000.00.

To the voters why on earth do you keep voting those people back into power? They are supposed to work for you. Your vote puts them into a position which they know damn well can be twisted and legislated to their own benefit. When will you wake up?