Dear Editor,

It cant be a joke. If this has been a retrospective issue, let bygones be bygones and move ahead constructively. In the first instance, Why freeze recruitments, hence salary reviews? Why salary payments not forthcoming when due? In addition, Why shun the temporary 10 parliament seats for women? We should allow the 10 seats to women rather than paying $50,000 each to the 50 spouses plus the intended 20 more if there's an increase in constitutional zones, totalling to 70 spouses in future, in addition to the 70 parliamentarians that are to be, if the bill passes. Now we know why important matters have been cast aside. OMG!! What celestial payouts there'll be, come each end of parliament terms. As if manna will fall from heaven!!. What more, havent we got enough problems on hand?. There are more important outstanding issues to address than paying precious monies to parliamentary spouses. What if, the spouse is a de-facto, divorcee, a body double(it can happen)! or 02,03,etc,. Where's the drawing line here. We need to be realistic. I fear there will be many counter-effects to these. We have been a failed nation already. Lets not add salt to new wound or else voters may fail you, come election day 2010. Take heed decision makers and be honest and not be greedy.