I think the points raised by Kulekana E are valid in many situations not only during current global economic meltdown but other times. The only reason given by Mr Sasako justifying this grant is because "the spouses work as hard as the MP's with their contributions largely ignored". Well why are these contributions ignored? What type of contributions are these? Are these contributions at the policy level or household?

If these contributions are so vital to the development of the nation why not recognize them in other ways rather than Money! There are many spouses' of public servants who are out there doing the same and not only wife blo oketa MP's. From spouses of Nurse Aides working in remote clinics in Duff islands Temotu Province to teachers in elementary schools in the Shortland Islands Western Province.

Perhaps Mr Sasako can enlighten us on who is in the PEC and the House Committee. If they consist of either MP's or ex-MP's then it defeats the rationale for these grants, appearing more like self serving by the MP's.