The Edtor
Solomon Times On Line
Dear Sir

Alfred Sasako commenting, today, on an article from Dr Tranform Aqorau published in your column on 9 July 2009 said, "Sad, isn't it?, how greed and insecurity can turn even the decent of people to do the things they do." I could also comment on how self interest, political expediency and a blatent denial of the truth seemingly continue to impede those who do retain a relevance efficiency for speaking out in the media.
Some articles that I have contributed in recent weeks to your on line publication have been removed (without notice) from the website and from the internet, including an article I contributed entitled "Big Fish" and one regarding the outcome of the Commission of Inquiry into the Honiara Riots in 2006.
Why is this? What has happened to a free press in the Solomons?
Does the answer lie in a sinister, Big Brother, attempt to conceal the truth? One should know the truth can never be silenced.
Yours sincerely
Frank Short