Seas rising? - I don't think so! The islands are "sinking" due to their sitting on moving and active tectonic plates. When one examines the extensive ocean level measuring stations around the world, there is no current evidence of seas any higher than in recent history.

Saltwater intrusions into storage lenses on low-lying islands is more the result of overuse combined with drier than normal periods. As island population grow, pressure on natural resources increases.

There is no proof that global warming will increase the intensity of cyclones - that is - if global warming is actually occurring instead of global cooling which was a big worry only 50 years ago.

Unfortunately we have too many scientists around the world trying to put fear into peoples hearts simply to get more money for their careers. The result of this is all the hoo-ha about climate and carbon and no-one wants to address the real problems which beset us.

The Solomons have enough problems without Gordon D'arcy stirring up a few myths.

Focus on the real problems Lilo.