Thank you for allowing me to show my heart to you all, especially our HERO the KURUKURU and our FELLOW CITIZEN and supporters who faithfully support our dear ambassadors since July 6.

First, am very proud of your performance Kurukuru and my heart is with you all. You prove all your opponents that you are the King of Futsal in our region (OFC). We defend you in the OFC forum from your opponent's supporters and you prove to us that YES WE ARE STILL THE OFC CHAMPIONS. I just imagine and pictured how you guys play through out the tournament because last year (2008) I saw how you played for the OFC world cup qualify. You just so magnificent and superb throughout. You play smooth and sharp. You deserve all the victories.

Finally, to our die heart supporters and fellow country men who gave our boys the support, a big thanks to you all. I salute you all! Our boys (kurukuru) have showed us all that what you spent for the entrance ($3 or $5) is worth spending even samfala lo umi luk and ask fo kaon na ba for the entrance. Kururkur you make us proud and your victories are very timing for our 31st celebration. Our hearts and prayers will always be yours in the future.

God Bless us all. Once again Big thank you to you all my wantoks and foremost to our dazzling, skillful and talented Kurukuru heroes, not forgetting the coach and the responsible executive back in Solomon and abroad. Let us continue to support the Futsal, Beach soccer and Soccer in our country and prove the notion that "we are the OFC Brazilians".