Dear Editor,

The recently concluded OFC futsal competition which saw KuruKuru win back-to-back championships left no doubt that, within the OFC, KuruKuru are flying in rarified air space. The race, for the rest of oceania, was always going to be for second place.

It was a privilege to watch our young team outplay, out-skill and outwit all comers.

Perhaps the only other feat that threatened to topple their breathtaking performances in Suva's vodafone arena was the way they carried themselves outside of the arena.

I understand that the average age of the squad was 18yrs. Yet they showed maturity beyond their years during their stay in Suva.

They were true SI Ambassadors who not only made their loved ones, families and friends proud, but all Solomon Islanders as well.

They were a class act on as well as off the court.

Thank you to the Kurukuru boys, the coaching and management staff for the joy you brought to our country.

They say that class is permanent. The KuruKuru have an abundance of it.

Having witnessed, live, their heroics on the court and their composure off it, I am convinced that, with the required support, Kurukuru will continue to soar to even more dizzying heights.

Once again, thank you, boys.