Is this a joke, NO, same first generation leaders are self-serving themselves once more by proposing to allocate fifty thousands dollars each for members' spouse, who can say no, I don't think anyone of them would raise any objection to this motion.

It is this same thing again, the parliamentary entitlements regulations causing these entire nuisance. Recently, the government announced that the nation has felt the impact of the global financial crisis. The government even mentioned that there are measures in place to stabilize the nation's economy, like control in government spending.

I would like to ask the 50 MPs is this one of the strategy in place to help control spending. Or is this a mechanism to siphon the most needed funds or revenues from much needed services?

Not long ago that the parliamentary entitlements regulations have included other lucrative benefits. What else is there left the parliamentary entitlements regulations need to take into account? Terminal grants for whole family moa? Naf na!

I found it terribly difficult with the government saying things and doing things the other way round.