Dear Sir,
Dr Transform Aqorau's take on the so-called Relevance Deficiency Syndrome as he sees it makes very interesting reading.

A direct and sinister attack on some of us who have served the country.

Being former politician does not necessarily preclude one from commenting on public issues.

Neither is making public comments represent desperate attempts to reinvent oneself as Dr. Aqorau has suggested.

As a former politician, I see Dr Aqorau's posting as equally applicable to former top public servants including some in Solomon Islands who are now working in regional organizations.

If politicians suffer from Relevance Deficiency Syndrome, I suggest former Solomon Islands' top public servants working in regional organizations suffer insecurity caused by inferior complex deficiency.

Because of this dreaded disease of insecurity, they would not give their countrymen an apportunity to join the same regional organizations they are in.

The sad thing is that because these former top public servants are near the top, they seal off all openings to their countrymen even if they are more than qualified in their own field.

Sad, isn't it?, how greed and insecurity can turn even the decent of people to do the things they do.

So, former politicians who become or are seeking to be engaged as advisers or consultants are not necessarily suffering relevance deficiency syndrome. They too, have a family to feed and some, are well qualified in their field.

At the end of the day, it's not the lawyers who will provide for these people and their families.

I am rather surprised that such a veiled attack could come from someone in the calibre of Dr. Aqorau.

Truly, some doctors have undergone amazing transformation over time