Dear editor, thanks for allowing me space in your editorial column to express my views regarding the above issue.

God helps those who help themselves, none more so than Dickson Kadau's coaching side. The Kurukuru responded to the challenge by taking apart Vanuatu in the Vodafone Arena on Wednesday 8 July. The comprehensive 11-0 win came through their unpredictable and their extraordinary dribbling equally skills, deft foot working, exceptional ball control and electrifying pace performance.

It has been proved and evident that in the Oceania Football Confederation (OFC) Futsal Championship last year, Vanuatu trashed the Solomon Islands with a score margin 5-1. Equally likely, they breezed past New Caledonia 11-1.

This year before their matches, they are drawing on those past memories and they take confidence and dwell in that fact from yesteryear. Even some contributors in the OFC website also dwell on that reality by optimistically emphasizing that the outcome will remain as it was in the recent past.

Well, well, well, they all prove themselves wrong. The Kurukuru and New Caledonians taking revenge by reversing the situation. In their second game (after Kurukuru beating them 8-3 in the first day of the match), New Caledonians retaliated with a 5-4 score margin. Worst still, the Solomon Islands have shown no mercy to our Melanesian neighbour in their final game on Match Day 3 at the same place, under the same roof, and infront of the same number of die-hard supporters, when they were defeated by Vanuatu in last year's competition.

Before the final on Friday at 8 pm, Fiji coach highlighted in the Fiji times I quote "Fijian coach Imtiaz Khan says he has seen cracks in the Solomons style of play. I have noticed some things about the way they play and I have some ideas".

Fiji captain Kamal Hassan also emphasised in the media (Fiji times) I quote "PRESSURE will be on the Kurukurus in tonight's Oceania Football Confederation (OFC) Futsal Championship final. We've regrouped and will not go down without a fight. We realise this is our chance to create history. We'll go there and play our game. We must score every time we get a chance and really put our bodies on the line to stop them,''

Their statements were totally opposite to their performance as I witnessed. Defending the OFC championship with a score margin of 8-1 is a great thing which the coach and the captain should be ashamed of for such comment prior to the game. Their comments are louder than their team's performance.

The Kurukuru gods liked what they saw and willed the brave hearts to a truly wonderful win, bringing no small measure of revenge for army of supporters in the Vodafone Arena with an 11-0 victory, and an 8-1 to victoriously reclaim the title. The Kurukuru players had faith in themselves and played their hearts out. The extraordinary thing about Kurukuru is that all of them (including the two goalkeepers) are capable of playing in other positions.

It has been demonstrated that Fiji and New Caledonia put in a brave effort to hold the Oceania's reigning Futsal Champs. Both teams try their very best and utilized all possible means of defence to keep the Kurukuru secured at bay. As the outcome brings to light, it was highly impossible. The truth they lack about the Kurukuru is that it has wings to soar higher. The Kurukuru find its way out and soar higher, hovering over the Pacific Ocean with three colours; a thin yellow colour that divides the two colours diagonally stripe from the lower host side corner, the upper triangle (host side) with blue carrying five stars arranged in an X pattern, and the lower triangle with green.

To our brothers who contribute from USP Alafua Campus and Port Vila, in particular Franklyn Wasi and Lloyd Maiki Fikiasi, I could confidently assure you that ours boys are mentally, spiritually and physically competent. These three underpins their skillful performance in the four day matches. Kurukuru blo umi tumas lo dribbling skills nao wantoks! Thanks for your prayers and support for our team throughout the week. Though the Ocean separates and divides us, we are together behind our Kurukuru throughout the week with your prayers and support across the vast Ocean.

Annually, we the Solomon Islands Student Association (SISA) celebrated our independence day on the exact date which is on 7th July. However, since the Kurukuru is yet to complete their game, the SISA executive moved it to Friday 9th July. The reason behind was our dream of all Solomon islanders here to have double celebration; our independence day and our Kurukuru's victory (with the hope if they win). It was just an aspiration.

It has been demonstrated that, the magic of persistence is a beautiful thing, for it lets our Kurukuru fly gracefully to our dream for double celebration. The Kurukuru soar gracefully through the sky. Oh! What a feeling Kurukuru?

Despite all odds and set backs Kurukuru encountered during their transit in Australia and Nadi (3 hours of waiting), the team at last achieve the dream that all of us have been dreaming of; to defend the OFC championship title.

Thanks and Congratulations to the Kurukuru Futsal team for your outstanding and brilliant performance. Your outstanding performance here with your silky smooth passing and dribbling makes us all Solomon Islanders here shed in tears of joy after defending the OFC Futsal Championship. Defending the OFC Futsal Championship makes us (army of supporters) all celebrate and dancing with joy to the tune and wordings of the song titled 'Kurukuru fly higher' composed mainly for you (the Kurukuru team) by our very own talented musician here, Mr. Selwyn Do'oro.

All in all, Kurukuru has shown our Pacific neighbours that we are still the best in this sport (Futsal) in the Oceania.

God Bless our beloved Nation as it turns 31st on 7 July 2009. Happy and Peaceful celebrations to all our wantoks in the county and abroad