Dear Editor,

I read with interest a recent posting concerning S.I.Governments intention to recreate 20 New Constituencies for 2010 across the Solomon Islands.

Thought I agree that some Provinces need to have current constituencies divided, I would also like to argue that the present Government and previous Governments have advocated strongly on the formation of Statehood through the Federal Government System. Millions have been spent on consultations across most, if not all provinces. Numerous task forces and committees have been formed and carried out work with large and extensive reports produced. Numerous communiqués from Premiers meetings have expressed desire for statehood and the list goes on.

This brings me to the questions of; Why 20 new constituencies, when the Federal/State Government System will be introduced?

I can only assume that the State Governments should decide the demarcated boundaries and perimeters to form any new area within each state on political grounds. If new constituencies are formed it will only go to show that any wish for Statehood is but wishful thinking and the current proposition is but a catalyst for any future uprising or even notation for independence as per past and current demands from most provinces; clearly; Guadalcanal, Western, Choiseul, Isabel, Makira and Renbel.

Even though people continue to argue that Statehood is based on division of Solomon Islanders, events over the last 20 or more years in our country's infant life; have clearly shown that we are not one people as hoped. I don't see how forcing people into being one will happen (current system of Government), clearly a mistake that the British did and we are left to try and amend. Rural Guadalcanal is strictly off limits to any Non-Guadalcanals for residential or business purposes, hence development on the Island of Guadalcanal is restricted to Honiara for Non-Guadalcanals; concerning expansion of Honiara boundaries, forget it, Guadalcanal people are calling for current boundaries to be reduced and/or compensated heavily if left as is. Let's not act as if the world will end if Statehood occurs, it's bound to happen, clearly life in Honiara is no longer what is was before; nor are there any indications of it changing any sooner, let other Islands people try and develop the future and place we crave in our own places (homeland).

If by some chance, we retain the current political system then Non-Guadalcanal persons whom come to call Honiara home; should start acting like Honiara is home. Some areas in Honiara are even NO-GO zones at night, as if we are in a battle or gangster zone, tumas nao!! The famous early morning or afternoon runs for inspiring athletes or sports persons to places like; Henderson, Mt.Austin or even King George field are no longer options. Current migrants or squatter settlers should start showing some respect for the surroundings, stop littering, and respect fellow citizens and start referring to ourselves as "Mi from Honiara" with pride and a sense of ownership. Honiara is becoming an over-grown village, more villages around then residential areas or suburbs to indicate any sense of pride as a capital of Solomon Islands. This is but one of the main reasons for the call for Statehood, that Honiara has no longer become a place to raise a family. The pace in which anti-social behaviour is happening has far out-weighted any good intentions or development for Honiara with little or no trickle effects to provinces.

Though I air frustration, I also acknowledge long time migrants,all the Province over; including myself, whom hold Honiara dear to us as home; and to an extent, miss the good old days, which wasn't so long ago, surprisingly!

I only hope that our current politicians hold firm any vision of forward planning and trend carefully with political decisions.

The line trended on for statehood is growing tinier by the day.