I wish to reply to Alfred Sasako's comment on the above subject.

Everybody knows the value of participatory democracy. I did not deny that you are so vocal in the media. Knowledge is a powerful tool. People can cause change if they are aware of what is affecting their lives.

However, am afraid, it does not mean being vocal about what you do not have control over (charging of rates). Charging of rates should not be an issue if we have competition. Now Solomon Islands welcomes any company that has business interest in Solomon islands. I can assure you that Digicel will be coming soon to the Solomon Isands.

The outcry by people over the charging system in Australia over phone calls will not be the same in Solomon Islands. Unlike in Australia only a small proportion of people rely on communication services in the Solomon Islands. Whether they can influence opinion and cause change in the rates charged for phone calls is question for all of us. Do not compare Australia with Solomon Islands.

Its just unfortunate for you big boy. However, I do thank you for contributing so much on issues in the media. However, you diverted attention of the readers from my arguement.