One of the common traits that befall some former politicians when they lose Office is they suffer from what is commonly known as "Relevance Deficiency Syndrome". This is a common affliction of many former politicians worldwide including some in Solomon Islands. In their fervent quest to continue to re-live their relevancy, they reinvent themselves sometimes as quasi consultants, and often times as public commentator with a preponderance of bias towards whoever is paying for the commentary. In worse case scenarios, some endeavour to reinvent themselves by snuckling up to incoming governments by posing as "Advisers".

Humility and grace are not features that characterize some of these ex-politicians.

The problem in Solomon Islands is, not all politicians who graduate from the school of parliament reincarnate very well. We see some of them on the streets, on buses, some as struggling business owners, and some as public commentators albeit with a propensity to belittle those who disagree with their views as being childish, or short changing their educational journey. I suppose the latter is merely a reflection of the "relevance deficiency syndrome", with the increasingly defensive posture of their attacks on individuals who dispose of their views, a reflection of frustration at being "rejected"