Dear Editor.

Once again thank you for the space in your site,

I just want to add my few thoughts on what Alfred Sasako mention here,

Actually I support what he said, I dont know if Tom realize this, but telecomunication advances the development of any country, it plays a very vital role in nation.

I believe without telecomunication, we the solomon islands will left behind in darkness, meaning we will left out of what is happening on the otherside of the globe, moreover how can you expect us to develop, or even engage in businesses, think about this Mr. Tom.

Like wise, as far as the media is concern, media is for people, as stated by Mr. Sasako, media is the agent of change. All of us from the highest level to the grass root level need to know what is happening to make right choices in one way or the other, which on the other it contribute some aspects of development in our nation.

Therefore, it is very important for people to know and become critcal in thier thinking concerning the different development in our nation.