Dear Editor,

I am writing to Congratulate the women that got the first prize on the Flower Arrangements which I read in your article. I am very proud of these women with the skills, talents and their gifted hands to come up with that beautiful arrangement. What a stunning Flower arrangements ladies.
I am a widow living in Snells Beach for 12years and I join up with the Snells Beach Garden Circle Club and it is great to be part of this community. I myself have learnt alot of new skills, talents and how to handle flowers and the main thing is to be creative with any sorts of flower.
We have our monthly meeting today every first Wednesday of the month. We have various themes of flower arrangements each seasons, as over here we have 4 seasons, Summer, Autum, Winter and Spring.

Each seasons we have flower arrangements that goes with the flowers. We also arrange flowers with drift woods, shells, oasis, containers, saucers, teapots, jugs, shoes, etc, etc. Today our theme is Twigs and Things around our garden. You can use weeds in your lawns and turn them into beautiful flower arrangement. To become a professional Flourist, use your imaginations, talents, as we have lots of beautiful Orchids, hibiscus, roses,
and other foliage with varieties of colourful leaves that you can use for flower arrangements.

Here are some suggestions you can make arragements on Best Bloom, 1 stalk rose, 1 stalk hibiscus for best bloom, 1 stalk of Orchid, Flower arrangement on a driftwood, or just Foliage ( various colourful leaves like Cordilayne (Zipolo), Palm leaves, colourful Taro leaves etc.

We have our yearly Flower show in the month of september 5th this year and I do enter all my plants that I have in my home. Amazing I get 1st, 2nd or 3rd prizes. You also can make an arrangement on Fruits (the various types of fruits we have in our tropical islands). I encourage you all women young and old to take up this Floral Arrangements. Use your talents, gifts that God has given us and show what you are capable of doing in your life. So my piece of advice is "Good on you women" continue on exploring new ideas and bring out all your talents and show it to other women so they can learn from you.
I do hope that with my little piece of advise here will help you all women of the whole of Solomon Islands bring out your talented gifts and show it to the world to see what we Solomon Island women are capable of doing for our country.

My warmest regards to all the Women

From Mrs Janet Aqunaru Nonipitu Butler (nee Losa)
Snells Beach
New Zealand