The issue of rates charged by Solomon Telekom Limited aired by Alfred Sasako and Digicel by Andrew Junior would best left to the government of the day to address it.

It is best done effectively than to talk it over. Parliament would be the best medium to address it and do it effectively than to waste everybody's time flattering over it in the newspaper.

The government of Solomon Islands could not have negotiated the deal to cancel Solomon Telekom fifteen years exclusive Licence which is still running, if it had not foreseen the costs borne by phone users in the Solomon Islands.

The method of charging is an issue that can only be determined by telecommunication companies and the public do not have control over it. That is why the reason government negotiated the deal with Solomon Islands Telekom. If Digicel enters the communication services market in the country it will charge according to its own rates. Only then we can tell which of the two companies provides the best affordable communication service such as for mobile phone.

I don't think this is a critical issue to argue over at this time. We will see if Digicel comes into the country and competes with the Solomon Telekom. Competition is the eye opener to see who provides the affordable telecommunications service in the country. Only time will tell who's the best.

Edward Tom, Suva Fiji.