If this is what Alfred is refering to then I guess he has to think again becuase that's the same charging tool used by Digicel here in Fiji, if I'm correct which I hope I am, and I guess will be the case if they come to our shores.

What's the use of inviting Digicel if that's the case anyways?

From what you wrote, personally I would predict that telecommunication will be heading no where even if Digicel comes to the Solomons because we'll have two "TIMED CALL" chargers, competing for people's money in an unfair manner.

While I am not in a way to cast judgement on your proven fact, your next comment confused me and I quote "Even if the called party does not answer, the caller still gets charged for making the call....."

Digicel's per second billing method is not like that and as a Digicel customer, I can confirm that for you unless what you are talking about is not this revelation.

Telekom's per second billing format is set according to this manner and that's what I know from the press release published on their website.

Every customer is charged for the seconds they use a change from the per minute charging which they use in the past.

In the past, according to them, even if you make a 5 second call, you'll be charged for 1 minute. This has changed and customers will now get to only pay for the seconds they use.

If Telekom's technique of doing it is getting the charging button on from the the time you buzz the phone you want tocall then I do apologise for this letter.

The reason why I write this note is to look at the per second billing, and again if that is what Sasako is talking about, in another angle from what he has revealed.

I am yet to feel for myself the latest developments by Our Telekom and although it is considered by me to be senseless to comment on what you have never experienced, I decided to drop to add something from my perspective which should broaden the discussion.

Anyways I do welcome the latest developments by Our Telekom and would also call for the quick entry of Digicel in our market to help develop the communiaction industry.