While it is a welcoming news that Our Telekom slahes rates on calls the same should be done fro other services and products . One of them is the SIM card. I think Our Telekom should now reduced its cost of SIM card for its GSm Mobile services.
The cost of SBD$400-00 for a SIM card charged by our Telekom is too much. If you happen to compare that to cost of a sim card in Fiji those folks in Solo buy 17times higher than those folks in Fiji buy for a sim card. Our Telekom would argue that well Fiji's Telecommunication industry is open up so competition has brought prices down.If that is the case then Our Telekom has to justify how they have arrived at that amount.

With the announcement of the reduced call rates and good customer base especially for Mobile services, it is time our telekom reduced its charges for SIM cards. I donot think our Telekom will really loose out .If they reduce their SIM card costs , more people will have access to mobile services and Telekom will still earn revenue from the many credits GSM prepaid cards bought by customers to top up their phone services.

There are other alternatives as well that Telekom could do in which i will not dwell on now.

Long live Our Telekom