Dear Editor,

May I thank Supt. Polyn for the brief outline of the 'secretive' CSSI code of conduct. I am thankful that it embraces much of the principals of morality here but as much as it has been briefly outlined one wonders as to how much of it is being doctrinated into the Academy let alone the force. When I was a kid, even on growing up I usually see them(policemen) as a hero and men of sombre respect. It was rare to see them in casual behavior, smoke or moreover chew betel-nut in public when on duty. They usually do their 'off-duty' stuff very discreetly. However, over the years, the trend deteriorated. One would say, oh, but other professions should do the same. That is true indeed, however, police are supposed to be special men who are assigned to protect the law and catch criminals but if these codes are not instilled in them fully then we will have officers who will go astray and then there will be 'karma'!!.