What does Minister for Environment Lilo have to say about effects of island fish stock devastation and the human social and economic environment impact evident in SI?

Fish stock devastation has been causing malnutrition and disease amongst poverty stricken SI people for many years. What has SI Parliament been told about this problem and possible solutions?

Where is SI strength and independence? Is SI now gagging debate about fish depletion like western society with wages and money to buy alternative food?

When are island Ministers going to stand up in their supposedly independent nations and speak in the best interest of their people? Why knowingly or unknowingly bow to likely stock market profiteers wanting wild fish devastation so as to profit from high cost aquaculture? Where is the data on availability and cost and viability of aquaculture feed supply and end cost to island consumers in need? WHERE IS THAT DATA MINISTER LILO?

How can global warming cause an island to sink? I have seen where SI reef and islands have sunk a locally estimated 800-850 millimetres following earthquake. Blaming the wrong cause can allow the sickness/problem to worsen beyond repair and with catastrophic result.