Dear editor,

Allow me a space to respond to the article concerning the swine flu threat to the USP students, Suva, Fiji. This letter served to clarify the information concerning the H1N1 flu virus threat that raised by a concerned student of USP. It is disheartening to read on the Solomon star issue (30th June, 2009) about the alleged severity of the swine flu here in Fiji, namely Suva.

As one of the USP students, I couldn't believe my eyes scanning through the article that is practically conveying false information to the public. According to the current report on the Fiji Times online, there are however, a total of eleven cases confirmed to be infected by the controversial virus.

The majority of the cases confirmed are mostly from the Jetset town of Nadi which fortunately far from Suva. Besides, the University of the South Pacific (USP) is currently on a mid semester break, so this will excuse students from moving around a lot.

The situation here in Fiji (Suva) is normal despite warnings have been given out to take necessary measures to avoid the infectious virus. The concerned students that raised the alarming news must have different reasons to call upon the responsible authority for immediate actions.

As far as I know, we have a student body here, the Solomon Islands Students Association (SISA) who has a right to channel information concerning the students' affairs to the responsible authority.

I for one, I see no reason for the government, parents and the general public of the Solomon Islands to have a fear towards the students wellbeing here. As known, the virus can be transmitted in various ways. The two common ones are, direct contact with infected persons and practicing an unhealthy habit. I wonder if the concerned student ever noticed the precautions measures provided daily on the media by the Fiji Ministry of health.

To avoid H1N1 virus, one should always take precaution measures to immune from its disastrous infection. According to the Fiji ministry of Health, it is advisable to drink a lot of water, stay warm and eat healthy food especially those that supply vitamin C such as orange.

At the moment, the Solomon Islands students here just look forward to the upcoming Futsal games next week. We will show our support for our boys. Go Solo Go!

Jeffery Junior Baega