The truth is that tuna stocks are so devastated that longline fishing is no longer worthwhile and fleet unloading facilities like at Tulagi have closed. Furthermore and of vital importance, tuna are now so depleted they no longer come in abundance and close to SI villages where they were once provided food for local people.

There is need to tell SI Parliament the truth. The big numbers being pointed at tuna stock health are in reality big dollar values due to higher than ever world inflation, including unprecedented higher and higher cost of fish. Supply is presently being kept up because or modern technology net boats capable of taking entire schools in a single hit.

Tuna stock numbers within SI economic zone are unsustainable because the tuna are continuing to be caught and devastated when they migrate outside the SI zone. Minister Leni, what is the state of SI lagoon baitfish used to net the tuna?

There is need for a responsible Minister to tell SI Parliament about island fish devastation and the increasing cost fish causing protein deficiency malnutrition and disease amongst poverty stricken SI people in big population areas like Langalanga and Guale/Honiara.