Dear Editor,

Ms Katya Fono's letter, today, raises the question as to whether the RSIP is subject to a Code of Ethics, as she put it.

It is for others to comment on today's practice, but I, myself, produced a Purpose and Direction policy document, which laid out a strategic direction for the RSIP with clear definitions of the Mission and Core functions, as well as a Statement of Common Values. In respect of the Common Values, the document read:

"In providing our services we will:

. Accept the need to ensure the highest professional standards and ethical conduct by our personnel.

. Be totally committed to satisfying the needs and expectations of our customers.

. Value and develop our people, our most important asset

. Continuously seek ways of improving the quality of service

. Treat each member of the community fairly and equitably and with sensitivity to their individual needs and cultures

. Display a courteous and helpful attitude when communicating with members of the community

. Treat victims of crime compassionately and constructively while providing reassuring assistance

. Demonstrate creativity and a desire to contribute to the development of solutions in the provision of community safety and security

. Accept responsibility and open accountability for our actions

. Work as a team committed to local problem solving

By the time I left the Solomons in July 1999, there was in place a clear policy for the purpose, direction and style of the Royal Solomon Islands Police Service and a blueprint for providing better policing services to all the people in the Solomon Islands.

Yours sincerely,

Frank Short