Dear Editor

I am surprised about Alfred's online response. He sounds so defensive as if I had hit a raw nerve. Remember this is constructive discussion Alfred, and it should be treated as such.

Nobody is a custodian of critical thinking. "Alfred, nao ol liklik pikinini tu ken ting ting"

What you have written about on PNG minning issues is not disputed. It is good that you have enlighted the PNG public about the information that they should be privy to. It is the critical information on minning operations or those wishing to conduct minning that may be missing in the Solomon Islands' arena.

You are saying that Pheonix International will give landowners 50% but yet you have not answered Saiki's simple question - will it be sourced from the gross profit or net profit.

Your role as a journalist in reporting on what transpired between the landowners and Pheonix is not an issue. You being paid for your services is also not disputed. What Solomon Islanders may have an issue with are the information that you are reporting on putting on Pheonix and the proposed minning operation. You know why? It is the perception that people have of you. You are a being paid for reporting and how can you say that what you are reporting is not biased in favour of Pheonix International? People see and know that you are being paid and therefore have a vested interest in ensuring that what you report on pleases your Master otherwise he will pull the plug on you. You can make countless excuses or reasons againts what I am saying until the cows come home, but nobody in their right mind will believe you. It is that perception that people have of you due to your association with Alp and Pheonix that has compromised your integity.

Alfred, Solomon Islands is not the first country in the world to have a minning industry and therefore it can learn lessons from these countries. As you yourself know, the best example where minning was not done in the best interest of the landowers was Panguna in Bouganville. Alas, PNG is still paying the prize for that mistake. All world citizen do not wish the same mistake occurring in the Solomon Islands.