I have been following the 50/50 shareholding issue proposed by Alp and the consequent unfolding media debate in this forum. I tried as much as possible to avoid being dragged into this debate however, the continuous and intentional avoidance of the real issue in question and the arrogance by Sasako led me to share my views. The truth is, Sasako does not care whether his reporting are actual facts or not, for as long as he gets the job done with his paymaster's approval is all that matters to this man.

Why do you have to question another man's economic contribution to his/her country? Your notable achievement while you were an MP was the granting of the failed Vangunu Palm Oil Project.You even tried to wear two hats at the same time, being an MP while applying for a job outside.

Those who have contributed their views opposing to yours through this forum is a non-issue. These people may have been good law abiding citizens (that is already a huge contribution to our country) while people like you during your tenure as an MP continues to deprive others with your failed Vangunu Palm Oil Project.

Your continuous avoidance of Saiki's question of the 50/50 shares between Alp and his conned mineral resource owners up at Guale shows your real character. If your paymaster's commitment is genuine why has it been hard for you to disclose to the public domain the actual 50/50 shares mechanisms and instead, continue to bark out loud with falsified hope? Please answer Saiki's question for there are many silent readers following these discussions.