Dear Editor,

Whilst I find it confusing as well as amusing that 'police officers' have recently been found in odd places and at odd hours of the day or night, being harmed, raped let alone have used official vehicles for un-official duties makes me cringe and feeling more insecure. With the latest stolen 'blue' uniforms, what will the next trend of crime be?? Men disguised in police uniforms??. I cringe and feel more insecure for my fellow sisters and womenfolks that 'men in uniform' will be turning up on their doorsteps soon asking for unfavourable matters(one wouldn't want to imagine!!). Not only that but our men and children will also be targeted too. What has become of the Police code or ethics if there ever was one? I would appreciate if responsible authorities seriously deal with the officers concern and bring back that trust again or we may lose it all forever. Of course we need time out from work occasionally but can that be done in a more reasonable and timely manner. Appearing in odd places and at odd times of the day or night is certainly asking for trouble.